Reviews - ECG Medical Training


Stephen Smith, M.D.

ECG Medical Training is a fantastic site for ECG learning.  Tom Bouthillet is one of the foremost educators in real life ECG interpretation: how to apply the ECG to clinical situations, particularly prehospital and particularly on when to activate the cath lab.  I’ve worked with Tom for many years and his expertise is unsurpassed!

Stephen Smith, M.D. | Professor of Emergency Medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center and the University of Minnesota.
Lt. Adam Thompson

Tom Bouthillet is an excellent educator and a master at ECG interpretation. He compounds knowledge derived from a myriad of reputable sources and packages it in a systematic and easy-to-understand set of lessons. I’ve used Tom’s approach to interpret ECGs in the clinical setting, and have been teaching his 6-step method to 12-lead interpretation for years. There is no better source for ECG knowledge out there. Trust me, I’ve looked.

Lt. Adam Thompson | Lee County EMS
Michael Morse

It has been my pleasure reading Tom Bouthillet’s contributions to EMS literature that I find while perusing the internet. His clinical scenarios are challenging, and his analysis of the 12-lead EKG’s that accompany them spot on. Analyzing the results of a 12-lead quickly and efficiently is imperative while on a cardiac call, and Tom’s insight certainly helps make that possible.

Michael Morse | Providence, RI Fire Department, Captain, Rescue Co. 5 (ret.)
Dana Yost, Paramedic

Tom’s contribution to 12 Lead education has been significant and impactful. Tom is my “go to guy” and makes tough subject matter easy to understand. As a primary instructor for 12 Lead ECG instruction, I can say Tom has impacted the the Paramedics in King County, WA through the solid advice he gives me. Thanks Tom!

Dana Yost, Paramedic | Medic One Division, King County, WA USA
Justin Schorr, Paramedic Captain

To many in the EMS field the 12-lead ECG is another language entirely that can only be deciphered by scholars and physicians with years and years of training.  Tom Bouthillet serves not only as interpreter but your key to unlocking the mysterious language that is the 12 lead ECG. I first met Tom at an EMS Conference and immediately took my opportunity to pick his brain about Bundle Branch Block mimics and STEMI false positives.  Tom’s style puts the student at ease and makes it all make sense.  Even with what passes for 12 lead ECG training under my belt Tom’s case studies, comments and tips not only keep me learning but help me put this strange language into relief for my crews in the field. I highly recommend any course he offers and look forward to my next opportunity to sit in on a 12 lead lecture by Tom.

Justin Schorr, Paramedic Captain | San Francisco Fire Department
Diana Neubecker, RN BSN EMT-PM

Tom Bouthillet is the “best of the best,” I say this having attended presentations by other well-known 12-lead ECG “experts.”  Tom’s ECG knowledge and commitment to excellence in emergency care are readily apparent.  Some speakers entertain without presenting much content; not Tom.  He does not skip by challenging material.  Tom explains complex concepts in both an interesting and easy to understand manner.  He describes 12-lead interpretation better than many cardiology professors I worked with in academia. As an EMS educator who teaches ECGs I frequently refer RNs and paramedics to Tom’s materials. He has tremendous credibility because he “is out there doing it,” not just teaching from an ivory tower or the lecture circuit. I highly recommend his program. You won’t be disappointed.

Diana Neubecker, RN BSN EMT-PM | Northwest Community EMS System
Lou Amundson, B.A., MICP, FP-C, NRP

Tom came up to Alaska and taught his 12-Lead EKG Lectures for our CCEMTP Course, which was the first one taught in Alaska. His presentation is of the highest quality and he is able to take things off the top shelf and make it accessible and easy to understand. His depth of knowledge and expertise are second to none. If you want to know, understand and master your EKG Skills – then this is the program is for you!

Lou Amundson, B.A., MICP, FP-C, NRP | Critical Care Flight Paramedic in the Last Frontier of Alaska
Duncan Pace RN, NRP

I attended one of Tom’s incredible lectures at EMS World Expo. I was in the front row with about 5 other co-workers some of who have 15+ years as ALS providers in EMS. I can honestly say that this was, hands down, the best/most concise 12-Lead lesson I have ever been exposed to! This feeling was shared by all of my co-workers. Keep up the good work you all do in demystifying this topic and helping to change the way we look at this vital tool in our everyday assessments!

Duncan Pace RN, NRP | Ochsner Baptist ER Nurse, Children's Hospital Surgery Nurse
Rommie L. Duckworth, Fire Captain, Paramedic/EMS Coordinator

Few things are more critical to prehospital cardiac care than the interpretation and understanding of the patient’s ECG. makes it easy for providers to go well beyond the basics of 12 lead interpretation, making sure that not only can they recognize elements of the ECG that may be easily overlooked, but that providers also understand the implications of these findings so that the right patient gets the right care.

Rommie L. Duckworth, Fire Captain, Paramedic/EMS Coordinator | Ridgefield Fire Department, Ridgefield, CT
Mat Goebel, NRP

Tom is a rare combination – both incredibly knowledgeable and and a fantastic teacher. His contributions to 12-Lead education have directly benefited countless patients of my own, and even more patients indirectly as I have taught others what I’ve learned from him. I highly recommend anything that Tom writes to my students and anyone else interested in getting a practical, easily understood ECG education.

Mat Goebel, NRP | UC San Diego School of Medicine
J Michael Morrow, FP-C

“When i was a clinical outreach coordinator I sent Tom all over the country to teach 12-lead ECGs in the Critical Care Transport program and to fixed and rotary wing EMS services. He was always very well received and his student evals were stellar. When it comes to 12-lead ECGs Tom is the man!”

J Michael Morrow, FP-C |