Heart Disease is Biggest Killer in US

Every year, more Americans die of cardiovascular diseases than died in the entire Second World War and it kills more people than all forms of cancer combined. One out of five people will die from sudden cardiac death.

If bystanders can recognize sudden cardiac arrest and react with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and CPR, they can save lives. In fact, we know that if a bystander helps a person in sudden cardiac arrest more than 30% of victims will survive. We can make that number even better.

Medical, nursing, and Allied health professional training in the United States is among the very best in the world. Perhaps that is why it is so shocking that the teaching of ECG interpretation should be so weak in American hospitals. Programs are not training students effectively in this important diagnostic study. As a result, doctors, nurses, EMTs, and physicians assistants are unable to effectively train the professionals of tomorrow.

ECG Medical Training wants to change that.

Heart Disease is biggest killer in US


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